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•  OVERNIGHT STREET PARKING IS NOT PERMITTED without Board/Social Committee approval. If your event requires street parking, you will need to include such request with your application.

•  Monday is both trash and yard waste day.  Thursday is both trash and recycling day. Parking vehicles on the road on trash pick up days causes traffic congestion and/or blocking of the dump truck.

 Pressure wash your home, fence, driveway and sidewalk annually in order to prevent mold and mildew.

 Keep your lawn nicely manicured.

 Maintain your mailbox so that it is clean, white and functional.

 Trim front yard trees so that the clearance from ground to branches is 7 feet.

 Some homes in the community are starting to show signs of needing fresh paint.  When it is time for you to paint, and you are going to change colors, you must submit the color for board approval using the boards approved color palette.


 Keep your garbage bins concealed and put them away after garbage has been collected. If you wish to keep your garbage bins next to your home, click here to view which privacy screen is authorized to conceal both the front and side of your garbage bins. No board approval is required for this type of enclosure.


Camera system at the pavilion is there for additional measures of monitoring. In the event of a situation, contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office first, then ask the board to review the camera system by providing as much information as possible including an approximate time and date of incident.

Personal surveillance systems for your own property are encouraged and no approval is required.



Q:  Why can’t we have a gated community?

A:   When the builders originally designed our community, they did not engineer the entryway to have a gate and allowed our road to remain “public”. With this in mind, it is the reason why any repair that is required to the road whether it is storm sewage drains, street lights and side walk falls under Hillsborough County’s responsibility.

     If we were to install a gate, not only it would be cost prohibitive, but would also require  annual maintenance and the road will no longer be a public road, which would also cause its maintenance to fall under our responsibility. This would cause our HOA fee to go up just to have a gate that does not guarantee safety and access codes are routinely given out to others.


Q:  I want to extend my driveway, paint my house, change my landscaping, do I need to submit a form for board approval?

A:  Yes. This will ensure that you are within the Architecture Guidelines which can be found by clicking HERE


Q:  My driveway is too short and I have multiple vehicles, why can’t I park on the street?

A:  Overnight street parking is not allowed due to the fact that our road is too narrow and causes traffic congestion, especially on garbage pick up days, Mondays and Thursdays. We encourage you to clean up your garage and use it to park your vehicle(s) inside the garage. If you have a short driveway, you may also parallel park a third vehicle at the edge of your driveway, however, must not be parked on the grass and must not block the sidewalk. Also, overnight street parking at the playground parking lot is not allowed.