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Request forms for Architectural Review (ARC)

ARC Information


ARC requests are for any changes to the exterior of the house that fall within our declarations. 

Here are some of the approved items that do not need ARC approval:


  1. Decorative curbing around gardens in front of house and driveway side explansions in muted colors (earth tones).

  2. Gutters on house to bring large amounts of rain water away from landscaping as long as they do not discharge onto neighboring property.

  3. Carriage lights on garage.

  4. The light over the front door.

  5. Glass inserts in the front door.

  6. Solar garden lights.

  7. Garbage bins may be concealed with white privacy fences that cover the front and sides of the garbage bins.  Click here to view which type is allowed. These privacy fences must remain in a straight standing condition, well secured and anchored to the exterior of your home.

  8. Personal surveillance system aimed at your own property.



Instructions for submitting an Architectural Review Form 


  1. Fill out all fields on this form that are applicable to your particular request. Please include as much information as possible about your planned improvement (i.e. paint colors, landscaping, etc.) as this will give the committee a good understanding of what you are looking to accomplish. The more information you provide the easier it will be for the committee to approve your request. If you are submitting for a pool please include your contractor’s written proposal along with the pool location drawn onto a copy of your lot survey.

  2. When you are finished, you must fax your application to the Trowbridge Company, 813-265-2598. This will start the official process as the Trowbridge Company is the keeper of all the community records.


PLEASE DO NOT send your application to the Association Board Members as this will only delay the process.


You must fax it into the Trowbridge Company.


Please click on the links below to download the following documents



• Rules and Regulations


• Architectural Review Form in MS Word Format


• Creek View Declaration


• Exhibit-B - Articles of Incorporation


• Exhibit-C - Bylaws


• House Painting Supplement/Color Approval Sheet


• House Repaint Color Standards

• Disclosure Summary Chapter 720

• Tree Removal Application


To contact management please e-mail management@creekviewhoa.com

or click here to go to the management tab.